Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Kosse!

Our little nephew, Kosse (/Koe-see/), arrived on Thursday evening.  Corrine is recovering well and looks wonderful.  He surprised everybody by deciding to come over three weeks before his due date but at 6# 14oz and 19.25 inches long is quite healthy.  Luke went in to work at 5am on Friday to finish some things up and when he was done with a morning meeting we all loaded up in the car and headed down to Arkansas.  We were so happy and delighted to meet this little boy we had been praying for.

He's so adorable and sweet.

I soaked up every second of cuddling.
Super Gran!

Don't I look proud??

He has a lot of dark hair.

Whenever I see Luke holding a baby I melt.

Proud Mama holding Kosse in one of those brief moments that he had his eyes open.

'Kosse' means 'Lion'.

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