Saturday, November 05, 2011

Happy Birthday, Levi!

Dear Levi,

Happy 4th Birthday, sweet son.  Your Daddy and I enjoy you so much.  We are very proud of you.  There is so much about you that is amazing!

-Your little soul is so sensitive and sweet.  You like to lead us in the Lord's prayer and talk about God.  If I'm talking on the phone and say, "oh no!" in the course of my conversation, you come over with a concerned look and ask, "What's wrong, Mama?"  You are eager to please and are sweet and protective of your little brother and cousins.
-Your mind is sharp and curious.  You are memorizing the books I read to you and pointing out letters and numbers on signs.  You relish soaking up new information and it's a real pleasure to watch you enjoy these new discoveries.
-You are so imaginative.  Not a day passes when I'm not thoroughly amazed and entertained by your play scenarios.  Milo certainly loves all the things you come up with, too.
-You are a hard worker.  If you are motivated to do something you will work at it even when it is not easy. 
-You physical body can sure do a lot of neat things!  Scootering, bike riding, skateboarding, and lots of running, jumping, and ball-kicking fill your days.  You really like to work on new skills and tricks.  I'm amazed at your balance.  I'm sure you did not inherit that from me.

I could go on and on but how could I ever sum you up in words?  There is no one else anywhere like you, Levi, and God has wonderful plans for you.  Your Daddy and I cannot believe how blessed we are that we get to be your parents.   We are excited to see what the next year holds.


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