Thursday, January 09, 2014

Milo, Lately

Milo, 3 years and 10 months old.

While Milo wishes that he could be in kindergarten, we really enjoy our mornings together. He asks, "Where we going, Mommy?" and then regardless if I answer with "MOPS", "the library", "grocery store", or "doctor appointment" he always says, "Yay!"

He spends a lot of time coloring and crafting. He especially loves to use scissors and paint. He enjoys his matchbox cars, legos, and just being busy. He's curious and really appreciates anything silly or mixed-up.

Last year he really did not have any desire to be out in the snow but this year has logged lots of time in the back yard going down the little hill. He's a bit of a thrill seeker and loves going fast. 
Milo does not have an inner dialogue- it's completely external. I blame myself- we had worked so hard to get him to talk that now he feels as if he needs to share every thought with the world.
At the grocery store, "I'm pushing my cart. I'm pushing my cart. I'm pushing my cart."
Exiting our plane and trailing behind Levi down the aisle, "Following brother, following brother, following brother..."
Heading to the restroom at the library, "Going to go poopie. Going to go poopie. Going to go poopie."

Here he is at his first dentist appointment.  He was really excited that the dental hygienist asked him to hold "Mr. Thirsty"(the suction apparatus) for her.  After he was finished he asked me, "Mommy, you hold Mr. Thirsty?" and when I told him that no, I didn't get to do that, he smiled SO big. 

Milo likes to pore over his library books, help with projects, make forts, and watch "Justin Time" and "Wild Kratts." He's a pleasant and genial kiddo and has a bit of a sly streak. I get such a kick out of him. What a great kiddo.

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Corrine said...

I second that! Great kiddo!