Friday, January 17, 2014

A Day in the Life of Milo

7:20 Sleepy, bed-headed "Hi Mommy."
Breakfast with brother of peanut butter and honey bread and soy milk.
Dropping Levi off at kindergarten with, "Bye Brudder!"
Back to the house for track building and car playing

Painting his dinosaur.
Marker-ing still wearing his paint shirt.
More crafting.
10am.  "Mommy, I's hungee.  I want hot gog and cheese.  Do you have bunses?"  Me, slightly incredulous, "You want a hot dog on a bun and a pile of cheese?"  Milo, "YES."
"Snack" eating.
Fort making.
Picking up Levi

Lunch: grilled cheese
Speech Evaluation by early childhood center in our school district.
Rest time in which he actually fell asleep (this is really rare these days)

Played with bouncy ball upstairs
DVD time
Dinner- burrito
reading with Daddy
Kisses, prayers, songs
Getting tucked into bed with his glow pet, Grover Bear, and his build-a-bear puppy, Brownie.

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grandpa said...

sounds like a pretty nice day. Can I order one of them?