Saturday, January 11, 2014

Levi, Lately.

Levi, six years and three months old:

Levi could not be more thrilled with the snow we've had off and on this winter. Thanks to extra warm snow pants that Nana sent to him, he sleds and digs and piles and rolls all through the yard. 

 He continues to enjoy making things. These recent projects really made me smile:
A shelf on the tree out front.
This hand sewn case. This is especially cute because he noticed that my sister make me a fabric case and gave it to me at Christmas. He noticed how much I liked it and made me another.
Here he is posing with "my favorite person in our house, Goldie."

I'm choosing to not take it personally that I now rank lower than a gold fish. He's very happy to have 'him' and told us that this was a practice pet. After the gold fish, he wants a hermit crab and after the hermit crab, he wants a dog. I thought that was a pretty logical progression.

Kindergarten is going well and I'm amazed at how much they are learning.  Levi is starting to read and he often likes to point out what sounds are in whatever word I just used. 

Levi is constantly ravenous due to a growth spurt and the fact that he is almost always in motion.  Other favorites lately: making forts, watching "Wild Kratts", chewing gum, making lego creations, and being Daddy's assistant in any project.

He does not care for bedtime.  Sometimes it takes him a long, long time to go to sleep.  He says, "I just can't stop my brain from all the thinking it's doing!"  I completely understand and have the same problem.

Levi continues to be social and friendly.  He loves playing with his cousins and friends.  When we are out, he always strikes up conversations with people walking their dogs, cashiers, waitstaff, passersby at the mall, airplane pilots, etc.  His favorite conversational jumping off point with strangers is "Look.  I've got a loose tooth." Then he goes on to show them which teeth have been lost, where the new one is growing in, what the tooth fairy left him, and so on.

We enjoy him so much!

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