Sunday, January 12, 2014

Family Fun

Grammie sent us a great game at Christmas. It's basically Pictionary crossed with legos. The boys (all three of them) loved it.
Goldie watched on.  I can't help but think he especially appreciated the row boat that Lucas and Milo made.

I was teasing Lucas a bit because Milo sat next to him so that they could be a team but Lucas got pretty absorbed in his own lego project.  I stepped in to help Milo and while he and I made the most simplistic snake you've ever seen, Lucas created a pretty elaborate house.

Levi's creations: lighthouse, tractor, gas tank, the letter D, and...well, I'm not sure what that last one was.


Sylvester G. K. said...

Nice family blog. Happy New Year !

Sylvester G. K. said...