Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snips and Snails and Puppy-Dogs' Tails

We got to hang out with cousin Ben on Tuesday. The boys had such a fun time together. Ben brought his nerf gun to share.  Levi had the idea to set up plastic cups as target practice.
Ready.  Aim.  Fire!
Then they used the cups as pins to bowl down with a ball.  Later on, they stacked them up and busted through the cup wall while riding the coaster cars.  I was pretty impressed with the evolution of their ideas.

As Ben had travelled all the way from midtown to see us, we wanted to treat him to the sights and sounds of Overland Park.  "Farm Park" here we come.

Why are baby goats so adorable??

Baby goats do love their milk bottles.

I took a million pictures while they were feeding the goats, because, come ON...look at this cuteness.

You can hear the giggles, can't you?

If while at the Farm Park you find yourself needing to rest your legs, no worries!  They have helpfully placed these rustic rockers every 6'-0".

They really wanted to fish but can you imagine me alone managing these three with worms, water, and hooks on sticks?
 They had a really long and in-depth conversation about this display on minerals and fossils.

Even though we had many educational experiences that morning, if asked, the boys would probably list these as their favorite moments:
1. When they saw the goat pee.
2. When they saw the pig pee.
3. When they saw the goat poo.
4. When they found the geese poo on the sidewalk.
5. When the cow stepped in it's own poo.

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