Monday, October 08, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

After the soccer game on Saturday we had some fall fun at a pumpkin patch.  First thing, we got to take a hay ride:

There were various activities including a slide.  Despite an iffy start Milo managed to straighten himself out and have a successful landing.

As soon as he reached the bottom he was off ready to climb the hay bales back up to the top again. (Mom, did you sneeze just looking at this picture?)

Hay slides.  Only in the midwest, amIright?

I joined in.

I was a natural.  You would not have known it was my first time down a hay slide. 

More climbing of hay.

We also got a ride in this barrel train pulled by a tractor.

Pumping the water to push the wooden boats down the trough.

Tongue in the concentration position.

More climbing and jumping!

Instead of a sandbox, this was a corn box.

Shooting hoops with Daddy.

We all got to pick out a pumpkin.

I would have guessed Milo'd be AMAZING at a game entitled, 'Spill the Milk'. It was tricky, though,.

Maybe if I move closer?  Nope.

Closer?  That's more like it.

Levi was very excited about making a jack-o-lantern and since, to a four year old, Halloween is a lifetime away, Luke carved one with the boys right away.  We lit it up with a glow stick.


Corrine said...

I LOVE this post! How fun; wish we could have been there! auntie kisses

Megan said...

Only in the midwest? No, we've got hay slides, barrel trains, and all the same here in Oregon! Love 'em!