Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Farm Park in the Fall

It had been awhile since we hit up the Farm Park for some fun. The boys and I enjoyed a really nice time there this morning. Milo is now big enough to climb up on these rocking animals himself. He can even dismount all on his own.
There are so many things about this picture that make me smile. 

That was the most docile goat I've ever seen. After this shot I turned to talk to Levi. When I brought my attention back to Milo he was straddling the goat, sitting on top of it, probably trying to figure out how to say, "giddyup!"  I wish I had a picture of that. The goat just looked at me quizzically.

We checked in with Olive the cow.  She was looking well.

At lunch, Levi requested I take a picture of him, "eating my purple oatmeal!"  (It had blueberries in it.)

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