Sunday, May 20, 2012

Polo Shirts and Plaid Shorts

When I talked to my Mom this weekend she asked how I was. I told her I've had several migraines this past week and have not been feeling well. She said, "Oh, I was afraid of that when I saw the blog hadn't been updated."  She was right!

She had sent the grandkids a care package in the mail week before last. Levi happened to be at the window when the delivery man brought it to our door. He excitedly told me we had a package and helped me open it. He recognized his name on one of the bags and his face lit up. He said, "L-V-E-I! That's for me, Mama!!"
I love his excited face.

The package included some clothes.  They looked so cute in them I tried to get some adorable pictures.

Levi insisted in posing with his shovel, of course.  Neither would look at the camera.

Let's try posing in another place.  Maybe that will help.  Nope. Also, the landscaping situation here at the house continues to be pretty scrubby. 

Let's try in front of the garage door- nothing to distract them there.  Please just stand next to each other!

Here I suggested that they give each other a hug.  Levi was game but Milo was in no mood for affection.  "Nope!" He said.  Levi was bound and determined to hug him even if it meant using force.  "Mama!  Milo won't let me hug him!"  He said.  Things devolved from there.  I put the camera away.

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wedding-time said...

the brothers must be very happy together :) happy every day!