Thursday, May 03, 2012


I just realized that the past four wednesday mornings we've taken a short field trip- something a little beyond our usual trips to the Y, a park, running errands, or the library. First it was the farm park, then the zoo, then Science City, and yesterday we went to the art museum. I think I'll try and keep these up. 

After we arrived, we first explored the grounds. There are many interesting scuptures but as I expected, the boys were much more enthralled with the landscaping crew.

Due to their ages and the bajillion school kids there on their own field trips we didn't stay inside for all that long.  We mostly explored the modern art.  The new Block Building is perfect for little kids- nice and open.  Levi also liked all the pictures of soldiers in the European oil painting gallery.

Regarding the sculpture below:
Levi: "Mom, look at that!"
Me: "Hmmm."
Levi: "What is it?"
Me: "I'm not sure.  What do you think it is?"
Levi: "I don't know either."
Me: "Milo, what do you think it is?"
Milo: "Grrrrawwwr.  Rawwrrr" (That's his growling sound.  I speak fluent Milo, allow me to translate.  He's indicating it is either a bear, leopard, dragon, crocodile, soldier, or a super hero.  As he does not have a lot of vocabulary or sounds at his disposal, the ones he does have are put to multiple uses.)

I told Levi we could explore around the museum so he brought a pad of paper, binoculars, and his butterfly net.

A Kansas City rite of passage: a picture next to a gigantic shuttlecock.

There were a lot of stairs yesterday morning.  Milo insisted on climbing them all.

We didn't eat at the Rozelle Court restaurant but took a look inside.  They loved the fountain.  Levi, peering in the water, looking hopefully for fish, asked me to get him his net.

Like I said, we weren't there long, but look at these tired faces!  We stopped for some groceries on our way home and the boys were quite droopy.

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