Friday, May 04, 2012

Creativity is Messy

Perhaps we were inspired by our trip to the museum. Yesterday morning, when rain kept us inside, I and my little artists had fun with paint.

Levi was intrigued to learn how to mix paints.  He made orange and then pink.

Milo liked mixing paints, as well...

We painted on a piece of glass I had removed from an old frame.  Then the kids scribbled on the wet paint using cotton swabs.

I positioned a piece of paper on top of it and they patted it down.

Milo loved peeling the paper up.

Voila!  Abstract art.

The fan brush was the most coveted brush and the boys had to work at taking turns using it.  

Our output. It was a lot of fun.  Milo's attention span understandably ran out before Levi's did. Here you can see him laboring over his pet project: mixing new colors.  They were mostly all variations of a dark brown color but he was pretty excited about it.

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