Monday, April 23, 2012

String Art

Levi loves to play with string, yarn, and rope.  He makes elaborate loops and knots, bundling up items or tying things to door knobs, etc. He has a playroom full of toys but says, "Mama, can I have three really, really long pieces of yarn? I mean four. Pleeeeeease?"

He tied this toy up with string and tissue paper telling me, "I'm wrapping it up as a present."

Just direct your attention away from the dusty table top and consider this cheeto bag I found sitting here all tied up with yarn.

Ummm...I guess this lamp base needed an empty ribbon spool, toilet paper roll, and a piece of a toy farm fence attached to it?

The futon frame has all kind of tying action going on.  This is happening all over the house!

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