Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter at Gran and Grandpa's House

Last Saturday, Lynn and Marji graciously hosted an Easter celebration for the family. We got to color eggs and they prepared Easter baskets and an egg hunt for everyone. Thank you!

You can see Milo is grasping an open plastic egg in his left hand.  It was the first one he found in the hunt.  He opened it right away and would not put it down.  He snacked on the goldfish crackers he found inside as he looked for the rest of his eggs.  Around his neck is some binoculars he got in his basket.

Everyone had an assigned egg color.  After the hunt Levi was happy to sit back and enjoy the treats he found inside.  He also had fun hiding eggs for his Mama and Daddy to find.  He found it hard to resist telling us where the eggs had been hidden, though.

Amelia's first Easter!

Handsome boys.

We both were very happy to celebrate with some chocolate.

Look at the cute bunch of hair that's standing up in back!

Guess who got stickers in his basket?

He liked coloring eggs but still wanted to get his hands on the camera.

They are both concentrating very hard.

Ombre is very big this season.  They are so on trend!

I took so many pictures of Levi holding little Mia because IT WAS SOOOOOO ADORABLE.

She was cooing.

He was so proud that she was obviously enjoying him holding her.

Of course Milo needed a turn as well.  The baby was not quite as comfortable with this arrangement.

Easter baskets!

A bunny with a soccer ball- this is right up his ally.

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