Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Week So Far

I watched the kids (all 6!) on Monday morning.  Making my job easier was 'Go Diego Go' on Netflix.  These four were so cute all huddled together watching the screen cheering Diego on that I had to grab my camera.  Just as I snapped this picture Levi suddenly leaned forward and gave Ben a kiss on the cheek.  He really loves his cousin.  Sometimes he's so sweet it about makes my heart explode.

Today Levi was wearing this costume pretending to be a zoo keeper.  After he abandoned it to pretend to be a soccer player, Milo toddled over to me holding out the shirt and hat and grunted purposefully.  I asked if he wanted to wear it.  He grunted in the affirmative.  I got him dressed and he strode around so pleased with himself.  It was adorable.

Milo at work with the vice grips.  In this case "at work" means thumping and banging things.

Like most things, he takes his play seriously.

Levi was busily scraping away.

They love living in a construction zone.

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