Friday, July 29, 2011

First Haircut

We took the boys to get haircuts this evening.  This was Milo's first one.  He doesn't have much hair but he wanted to look extra spiffy for Auntie Lea's wedding.

Levi went first.  Milo, quite seriously, watched the whole process closely.
The 'before' shot.  His wisps were getting a litte out of control.
After she put the cape on him and spritzed his hair with water he began to reject this process.  We gave him a lollipop and all was right with the world again.
Whoops, I cut off the top of Levi's newly cut hair.
I know he just got some wisps trimmed off but it made him look more grown-up.  We went for frozen yogurt afterwards.
...to the last...
"I'll just help myself to yours if you don't mind, Daddy."

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