Thursday, July 28, 2011

Family Date

We had fun tonight on our Family date night.  You know how it goes, when Luke and I go out on a date it's usually somewhere with cloth napkins.  On Family date night, we usually go somewhere with napkin dispensers and plastic play equipment. 

The boys at our local Chik-fil-ay.  The play area was strangely deserted.  Milo got brave and for the first time started climbing instead of just toddling around happily watching the older kids run.

He was very excited to get this far.

"Hmmmm.  Curiouser and curiouser.  Should I investigate?"

"Well, big brother is going in so I am, too!"
Milo didn't venture far beyond the opening of the tube.  He couldn't quite work out how to get down so I did end up having to climb up there to retrieve him.

Am I incredibly blessed beyond measure or what??

My heart melted.  I assume it was from the sweetness but I suppose it could have been from the 100 degree weather.

He said, "I picked this spiky flower for you for Mother's Day, Mama!"

Next on the agenda was some shopping for the upcoming wedding.  Here the boys are trying on hats and other ring bearer accoutrements.  Side note:  do you think I should explain what a ring bearer is or go ahead and let them think they are 'ring bears'?

Levi said, "I'm pretending to be Mama!"

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