Thursday, May 19, 2011


It rained most of the day here so aside from a trip to the Y, we stayed inside.  Levi still enjoys playing with the dried beans.  Milo is old enough now to enjoy them without trying to stick a fistful into his mouth everytime my head is turned.

These dried beans are endlessly entertaining- at least to my boys.  Levi spent a good five minutes painstakingly filling up his sock with them. 

Of course not much time passes before they feel the need to sit amongst the beans.  Once one dives in the other is sure to follow.

"Scoot over!"

"Ooof.  Ugg.  Arggh!"

As you can tell by the amount of pictures I snapped, I found this whole exchange quite funny.  Have you ever been in a situation where you are outnumbered by people who aren't making sense but since you are in the minority no one but you understands the strangeness of it all?  Levi kept saying things like, "There's not enough room in the beans.  Get Baby out of the beans!" and I'm looking around realizing that I'm the only one in the room not understanding the allure of bean sitting.

Milo says, "Yes!  I'm ruler of the beandom!"

We put the little tent up on Levi's bed and he happily read books in there during rest time.

Later we made cookies.  Here he is caught on camera sneaking a taste.  Don't worry, no eggs had been added yet as we got most of the recipe mixed up before realizing we were out of eggs.

After baking, Levi went straight in to craft making not even pausing to wipe the flour off of his face.

Milo had to sit out craft making.  He tries to eat the crayons and the glue sticks.  Instead he got some crackers.

He informed me that he had spelled out his name. 

After hole punching, googly eye glueing, and a questionable spelling exercise, QLR moved on to painting.
It was a good day but I was still counting down the minutes until Luke walked thru the door.  We've already grown accustomed to being outside in the spring weather.  It's hard to keep active boys inside all day.

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Aundrea said...

I absolutely love your sense of humor and your awesome presentation of sharing the rainy day, Amber!