Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Levi and Milo were up early this morning making a card for their Momma.  The boys got to spend the day with in fun with thier cousins and uncle J & K then spend the night with Gran and Grandpa so that Amber and I could work on the house without two little extra "helpers".

This picture somes it up pretty well I think.  We don't get instructions on being a parent and we are working our way through it.  I know that all our readers will agree with me that Amber is an awesome mother to our two boys.  I am very thankful for her and all she does to make our family the best it can be.  So we don't often say it in the best way or near often enough but we love you and appreciate you so very very much.

With love, hugs, kisses, and all else,
Luke, Levi and Milo

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