Friday, May 13, 2011


I did so enjoy having the guest-authored Mother's Day post up for the whole week but I know some of you (you know who you are!) are hungry for kid pictures.  Here are some from the past week or so.  Also, in baby milestone news, Milo had his fifth tooth emerge. 

Oh he's so cute sometimes.  It's tricky figuring stuff out when you are 3.5 years old.  His shirt is on backwards, his shoes are on the wrong feet, and his hat is pulled down strangely pushing his ears out.  He's also carrying a hockey stick, a green sparkly hat, and his case full of Thomas trains.  We were heading to the grocery store.  I bit back my giggles and took a picture for the internet instead.  Bad Mama!

"I like the farm park but do not see the appeal of these furry, hungry goats."

I took a picture then tried in vain to find some hand sanitizer as he smeared goat food all over and let everything lick his hands.

He takes sliding very seriously.

Great news!  Levi is tall enough to peddle the tractors himself this year!  My lower back rejoices!

He wants to live in a teepee.

I'm addicted to putting them in matching polo shirts and plaid shorts.  Nana is my enabler.

Giving Grandpa a hug!  Unfortunately, I missed the shot where Milo threw his arm around him, too.

I love it when I turn around and they're holding hands.

Nana and Papa put their recording studio to even greater use by recording books for Levi to follow along and listen to.  SO utterly cute/hilarious was finding Levi leaned in close to the speaker saying, "Nana?  Nana?  Which page are you talking about?"

Jumping cousins.

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