Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Weekend Recap

We spent the weekend in Leavenworth with family. Lynn and Marji hosted a little meet 'n greet for baby Charlie.
Corrine, Ky, and Kosse were there, too.
Look at the adorable cake Corrine and Marji made.  The stack of chocolate doughnuts was labeled 'Spare Tires.'
Blue punch with boats and rice crispie stoplight treats.  Thank you, Pinterest!
The boys rough-housed around the hammock for hours.
Grammie F. was here!
Charlie got introduced to many new people.
Aunt Liz and Uncle Bill came, too.
As usual, none of us went hungry.
The weather was really nice.  It's not typical to want to cuddle on a Kansas porch in late June.
Couch full of cuties.
It was great to see Avery.  He is getting so big- remember when he was just a little guy?

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