Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FarmPark Morning

It was a FarmPark kind of morning around here. The overcast skies kept things from getting too hot.

Milo was wildly amused by the naughty goat's antics.
The misters were on.
"I like the Sprinkers, Mama!"
Levi spent a lot of time studying the pond for a glimpse of a turtle.  A little boy told him that he had seen a big turtle with spikes on it's back.  Levi then told some other kids about said turtle.  Those kids were completely intrigued as well.  I think we may have a FarmPark (sub)Urban Legend on our hands.
Milo's getting much better at pedaling his own tractor. 
"Bwok bwok bwaaaaaack"

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