Monday, January 17, 2011

Buford the Puppet

Meet Buford.  He is a relic from my childhood.  Mom retrieved him along with some other keepsakes from the attic and and brought him when she visited.  This picture actually makes him look a little more spiffy than he really is at this point.  30ish years is a long time for a polyester puppet.  When Mom pulled Buford out of her bag, Joel and I gasped happily, remembering fondly our childhood time with Buford.  Kelly and Luke, having no such recollections, also gasped- but it was out of horror.  I think Kelly might have lunged to put her hands over the children's eyes, to protect them. 

 They looked a little like this:

 The kids, however, did not see a crazy-eyed, scratchy, frayed, weaselish puppet.  They somehow saw what I remember seeing: friendly ol' Buford.
Even though my ventriloquist skills are nonexistent, Levi will do anything Buford tells him to do.  It's great.  I'm trying not to abuse my power ("Buford thinks you should give your Mommy all the chocolate...") Here's to many more fun years with Buford!

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