Saturday, April 05, 2014

Nana and Papa Visit

We had a lot of fun while my parents were here. As usual, we were treated to good food and all sorts of treats.

They got to see Levi play in one of his roller hockey games.

Afterwards we went for Barbeque. While waiting for our food, the kids drew.  This is Ruby's illustration of Levi and a dinosaur.
One morning, the three little boys and I accompanied Nana and Papa while they did some mattress shopping for beds in the lake house.  This happened:
I'm sure the salesmen were excited to see us coming.
Soon they became overcome with exhaustion, though. 
The week previous to my parents' visit was filled with lovely spring temperatures in the high 60s.  As soon as their plane from Boston landed the air turned cold.  We even had some snow showers.
As soon as they left town, though, the temperatures rose again.  It's a bit uncanny how often that happens.  They are definitely bringing New England weather with them as they travel.

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