Monday, April 28, 2014

Much Egg-citement at Gran and Grandpa's House

 There was an egg hunt after lunch on Sunday.  Each kiddo had a particular color and the eggs were hidden based on how advanced of a 'finder' the grandchild was.  Here is Charlie and his first eggs.
 The weather was beautiful.  It felt really nice to be outside.
 Milo's face lit up like this each time he spotted another green egg.
 Fun and games inside with Gran.
 The boys have been enjoying hard boiled eggs this week.
 Not only did Gran and Grandpa host for the weekend and set up an egg hunt, they had Easter baskets for all the kids.  Even the big kids.  Grandma Dickson also brought goodies.

Here is the calm in the eye of the (Easter Basket Opening) storm.

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