Friday, November 01, 2013

Kindergaren Halloween

Our Halloween was a fun and full day. It was raining as we dropped Levi off at school. Milo and I parked the car and then made our way back to the school gym to wait for the costume parade.
We were excited to see 'our' Batman.
He was the cutest of the bunch, in my opinion.

We returned an hour later for the class party.  I am the lead room parent and was thus in charge.  I feel like they should have asked to see credentials or something before giving me that responsibility.
It was crazy and boisterous and fun.  The kids were sweet and absolutely thrilled with the party.  I really enjoyed getting to meet Levi's classmates. 

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Corrine said...

How fun! I heard Levi lost a tooth! Does the tooth fairy work on Halloween? love u guys! miss u