Sunday, March 03, 2013

Shirt and Tie

On Saturday morning, we had our weekly Family Date and decided to go out for breakfast together. Lucas and I just rolled out of bed and pulled on some casual clothes befitting a Saturday morning breakfast at the new Hyvee's cafe. Levi, however, came down wearing much fancier attire. He explained that we were going on a date and that you wore nice clothes on dates.

Milo wanted his picture taken, too. I had three handsome dates, that's for sure.

The tent/fort is still in existence. Levi has put some effort into decorating it.

The interior looks to have hosted one or two wild parties.

I thought the tent would get pulled down by the kid after a day or two, but no- it's almost a week now.  The great room is pretty much un-usable to adults because of it.

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