Monday, March 18, 2013

Birthday Boy, Three Years Old

We hosted a birthday party for Milo on Saturday. Our local family all came over and we had so much fun celebrating with them.

Eating supper:
Modeling the super hero capes I made.  The cutest, I thought, was the mini cape for one year old, Amelia.

We had seven kiddos total.

Games were played.  I believe in this picture they were in line for 'Follow the Leader' flapping their "wings" like a chicken.

A silly string fight against the "Bad Guys" (Joel, Kelly, and Lucas).  FYI, Bad Guys were silly hats.


The calm before the silly string storm.  Yes, it was a complete mess and yes, it was worth it.

Milo's chocolate cake with green frosting, just as he requested it.  Lucky for us, with St. Patrick's Day happening we were able to buy a green frosted cake and cupcakes with little problem.

Then many thoughtful and totally fun presents.

Thanks to all of our guests for making Milo feel special.  He had a great time!

Milo had his well child check today:  39" tall (81%) and 34# (74%) and doing great.  As suspected, he's shaping up to be a bit shorter and broader than his brother (who was 41.5" and 35# at this age)

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