Sunday, February 10, 2013


It was so nice to spend time with my Mom and Dad last week.  It hadn't been terribly long since Christmas but I was really missing them. 

As usual, we all got treated to lots of goodies and fun. On Saturday night we went bowling together and on Sunday we had a superbowl party. What made our superbowl party so unusual and wonderful was that during it,Nana took all 5 kids to Target to pick out a toy. The remaining adults got to eat party food in relative quiet. ahhhh.

Ruby asked me to take a picture of her and Milo sweetly posing.  Then Ben came and photobombed the scene making it even more awesome.

The big boys reading during a house-wide rest time.

Ruby and Papa during quiet time.

Things got a little dicey when my Bialetti espresso pot broke. Joel improvised and brewed some coffee using various pieces he found in the kitchen.

My little model.

The boys soaked up lots of reading time.

I absolutely love it when my mom laughs this hard. The boys are both squeezing limes to make juice for reasons that escape now me.

Bedtime snuggles.  Milo is modelling one pair of his new PIDERMAN jammies.

And here's the other pair!

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