Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Marji

We got to celebrate my delightful mother-in-law's birthday this weekend. There were cupcakes and cute kids aplenty.

Lucas and the boys made and decorated the dessert.

He's surreptitiously grabbing a taste.

That particular cupcake got LOTS of sprinkles.

Carefully placing the flags.

Group floor puzzle time!

Mia's pulling up on everything and everyone now.

Alison is already anticipating her birthday in April.

It showtime.

I LOVE this picture so much.
Great team effort!

Milo did not care for the frosting so he ate his share of the sprinkles out of a bowl.

Mia just had her first birthday so she knows how eating cake is done.

Can't wait to meet baby Charlie in May!

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