Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I've been feeling especially thankful lately so celebrating on Thursday was extra special. This despite the fact that both boys got a 24 hour bug of some sorts. It's been a good weekend but I'm so tired!

Joel, Kelly, and their crew were planning on coming over for the day but we shortened it to just coming for lunch.  It was great to see them even if they left right after dessert.

When they came to the door, Levi greeted them with, "You know what?  I had THROW-UPS THIS MORNING!!!!!!"
Kelly brought the tablecloth she started a couple of years ago.  Like last year, we all wrote a new message on it with a Sharpie.  We traced the kids handprints and marveled at how they had grown since last year.

Look at this sweet niece of mine!

The boys spent most of the time away from everybody.  Here they're camped out on an old comforter on our bed. 

Milo drew this picture.  From left to right: his Daddy, Milo (the little bitty figure in the middle), and Uncle Joel (with REALLY long legs)

Levi watching 'Mighty Machines', staying close to his bowl.

We hope your Thanksgiving was special!

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