Sunday, September 09, 2012


Last weekend we all flew to Tennesse for my cousin's wedding. It was a lot of fun and the boys were quite intrigued with this unusual place called 'Nashville.'

Levi was the ring bearer and sweet niece Ruby, one of the flower girls.  She flew out with us on Friday evening.

The kiddos did a fantastic job on the day of the wedding.  They were rewarded with dvd time and Twizzlers for all their smiling and direction following.

Milo got another chance to wear his hat from Auntie Lea's wedding.

The wedding was beautiful.

Here I'm having a sweet-and-precious-mothering moment.  Levi is having a crazy-four-year-old moment.

The boys enjoyed the dancing.  Actually, they did a lot more running than dancing...

The kids had some pretty great moves.

Me and my handsome date.
Much to everyone's delight, there was a chocolate fountain.
Their's managed not to malfunction and spew chocolate everywhere.  I hear that sometimes happens.
One evening we went out looking for the Grand Ol' Opry Hotel.  We accidentally parked a long way off and then it started raining.

It was an adventure!  Mom and Lucas were the only prepared ones.
I LOVE this picture of my Dad.
Ruby stayed with us and I got to pretend that she was our daughter. Fun!

Our flights on Monday left at about the same time as Mom and Dad's so we all went to the airport together.  Milo had walked a long, long way that day- shopping in the morning, the long hike after returning the rental car- and by the time we were headed to the terminal he stopped, looked up forlornly and said, "HUG?"  He wanted to be carried.  He doesn't have a lot of words at his disposal and sometimes has to go in a round about way to get his point across.  It was adorable.  Papa obliged.
He was nice and warm on our flight back to KC thanks to Nana's scarf.

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