Monday, September 16, 2013


 In the wee hours on Sunday, Lucas got a call from work and ended up going in and working all night. As I was waking up that morning, he came home. We tucked him into bed and the boys and I went to church.

Afterwards, two families come over for brunch. The boys were waiting out front for our friends when a rain storm passed by. They refused to leave their post, insisting on hunkering down under umbrellas.

After brunch, the guys caught some football.
Milo's eyes started drooping but he was quite insistent that he was not sleepy.
Later more fun with Daddy.  Levi is practicing sorting and identifying upper and lower case letters and their sounds.  Milo is learning, too. 
Hearing Milo say, "Woe-were tace" (Lower case) is so cute.

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