Friday, January 25, 2013

Sick Day

Ay yi yi. What a week. Last Thursday was a doctor's apointment for Milo for an eye infection and sinus infection. He passed both on to me. Wednesday, Lucas had oral surgery. Thankfully he's healing up and is much less swollen today. Milo started throwing up on Wednesday and spiked a fever. Yesteray I had a fever, too, but so far have kept all my food down where it belongs. Levi seems to have escaped everything except for the eye infection. We all look pretty pitiful.

I'm so glad it is Friday. I feel like if I can just get some rest maybe I can kick the last of this sinus infection. It really took me down. I'm still in a lot of pain from it.

Cuddled up with Netflix.  It looks like they are deeply enthralled in some heavily nuanced politico documentary but really they are just watching Blues Clues.
I told them to look like they were sick.  The expressions are a put-on but you just can't fake that skin pallor.

During rest-time Levi constructed a fort.  He used some peg-board (this one, in fact.  He had removed all of those screws!), paperclips, a fleece, and a bungee cord.

Milo's had a rough time.  Poor kid has needed a lot of cuddles this week.  Here he's getting ready to nap in his brother's bed because his bed has no sheets or pillows.  They are all in the washer.  Again.  I feel as if I need a Lysol bath.

Still has some sweet smiles for me even though he's struggling.

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